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A stroke clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinic that would consist of a neurologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, 2neuropsychologist, and speech therapist.
The brain itself is not sensitive to pain, because it lacks pain receptors. However, several areas of the head and neck do have pain sensors and can thus sense pain. These include the extracranial arteries, large veins, cranial and spinal nerves, head and neck muscles, and the meninges. Headache often results from traction to or irritation of the meninges and blood vessels. The pain receptors may also be stimulated by factors other than head trauma or tumors and cause headaches. Some of these include stress, dilated blood vessels, and muscular tension.

What are the activities in the Stroke clinic?

Initially the neurologist will take details of your stroke and clinically examine you. A diagnosis of stroke, the type and severity of stroke and the cause of stroke will be ascertained. If necessary, blood tests and scans will be requested for.
If it is a follow up visit, after examination, patient will be directed to the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will evaluate the patient and teach necessary physiotherapy.

There are a variety of equipment for strike patients including muscle stimulation, suspension therapy, passive assisted ROM, muscle strengthening. Mat exercises, parallel bars, posture mirror, staircase training, quadriceps table and weight training.

The occupations therapist will suggest modifications in the home and work environment to suit the needs of a stroke patient.

Depression is a very common problem that hinders recovery and rehabilitation in stroke patients. Our neuropsychologist will look into psychological aspects of stroke, neuropsychological assessments, behavioural and emotional problems. Based on the patient’s cognitive impairment, social, behavioural, emotional, difficulties, neuropsychologist will teach cognitive re-training techniques, cognitive skills, brain gym, cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour modification techniques and relaxation therapy.

Speech therapist will assess speech and swallow of the patient. Various modes of speech therapy like melodic intonation therapy will be given to the patient.

To summarize, the stroke clinic will look into various aspects of stroke like diagnosis, treatment, speech and swallow, memory and mental status. Physiotherapist and occupational therapist will work together to improve the motor weakness and adaptability to the environment.

The ultimate aim of the stroke clinic is to re-integrate the stroke patient into the community, as fast as possible. 


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