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Movement Disorder

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Movement Disorder Treatment at Dr. Srikanth Neuro, Hyderabad

Comprehensive Care for Movement Disorders

Movement disorders encompass a variety of neurological conditions that cause abnormal voluntary or involuntary movements, affecting muscle coordination and control. At Dr. Srikanth Neuro, we specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide range of movement disorders, helping patients regain control and improve their quality of life.

Understanding Movement Disorders

Movement disorders can result from genetic conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, or damage to the nervous system. These disorders often lead to difficulties in performing daily activities, impacting overall well-being.

Common Movement Disorders We Treat

  • Parkinson’s Disease: A progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by tremors, stiffness, bradykinesia (slowness of movement), and postural instability.
  • Essential Tremor: A nervous system disorder causing involuntary and rhythmic shaking, often in the hands.
  • Dystonia: A condition involving involuntary muscle contractions that cause repetitive or twisting movements.
  • Huntington’s Disease: A genetic disorder causing the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain, leading to movement, cognitive, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Tourette Syndrome: A condition involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that cannot be easily controlled.
  • Ataxia: A lack of muscle coordination affecting voluntary movements such as walking, picking up objects, or swallowing.
  • Chorea: Involuntary, unpredictable body movements that can affect various parts of the body.

Diagnostic Services

At Dr. Srikanth Neuro, we utilize advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately identify movement disorders:

1. Neurological Examination

  • Purpose: Comprehensive assessment of movement, muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination.
  • Applications: Initial diagnosis and evaluation of movement disorders.

2. Imaging Studies

  • MRI and CT Scans: Detailed imaging to detect structural abnormalities in the brain.
  • DaTscan: A specialized imaging technique to assess dopamine-producing cells, often used in diagnosing Parkinson’s disease.

3. Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)

  • Purpose: Measure electrical activity of muscles and the speed of nerve signals.
  • Applications: Diagnosing conditions like dystonia and peripheral neuropathies.

4. Genetic Testing

  • Purpose: Identifying genetic mutations linked to hereditary movement disorders.
  • Applications: Diagnosing conditions like Huntington’s disease and some forms of ataxia.

Treatment Options

Based on the diagnosis, our specialists at Dr. Srikanth Neuro develop personalized treatment plans, which may include:

1. Medications

  • Levodopa and Dopamine Agonists: Commonly used for Parkinson’s disease to improve motor symptoms.
  • Anticholinergics: To reduce tremors and muscle stiffness.
  • Botulinum Toxin Injections: Used for treating dystonia and certain types of tremor.

2. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

  • Purpose: A surgical procedure where electrodes are implanted in specific brain areas to regulate abnormal impulses.
  • Applications: Effective for Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia.

3. Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy: Exercises and activities to improve mobility, strength, and balance.
  • Occupational Therapy: Techniques to enhance daily living skills and independence.

4. Speech Therapy

  • Purpose: To improve speech and communication abilities in patients with movement disorders affecting facial and throat muscles.
  • Applications: Common in Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

Why Choose Dr. Srikanth Neuro?

  • Expert Team: Led by Dr. Srikanth, our team includes experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, and therapists specialized in treating movement disorders.
  • Comprehensive Care: We offer a full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment services tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our facility is equipped with the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: We prioritize patient comfort and well-being, providing compassionate care and support throughout the treatment process.

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If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of a movement disorder, trust Dr. Srikanth Neuro in Hyderabad for expert diagnosis and treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards better neurological health.

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